We are an engineering organization deeply rooted with a problem-solving mentality

Acentury is a technology company that builds test and infrastructure tools for wireless networks and labs, smart buildings, and satcom/aerospace communications.​ We are an engineering organization deeply rooted with a problem-solving mentality since 2011 as test and measurement solution specialists. Since then, we've evolved into a product innovation company that supplies products for global mobile network operators, chipset manufacturers, network equipment vendors, and most recently, aerospace and defense companies.

Having the opportunity to work with global carrier operators for nearly a decade has given us perspective on scale, the criticality of product reliability, and the importance of the customer experience needed to help enterprise organizations deploy new technologies successfully and innovate at speed.

We couldn't find it - so we built it

We continue to work closely with our technology partners to offer our customers with the best test solutions in the market. But as we spend more time with our customers and observe the challenges we face together, we realize there are several gaps in the market we know we can fill with products of our own. With the development of our Radiocomm product line, we proved we could deliver and supply passive network components for the global wireless communications industry. And with recent investment in our software development teams, we are proving that we can build products across hardware and software domains by leveraging the engineering innovation culture we've fostered for years.

Moving Forward

As we scale our products to the new world, we are committed to long term investment in R&D and engineering that will make a useful and valuable impact. We started our journey with test and measurement and moving forward we strive to completely change the way a wireless lab is run. With our turnkey LAMTA solution, we have visions of a 'lights-out' lab that will help automate end-to-end testing. LAMTA will enable faster and more reliable test operations and empower lab organizations to leverage assets across their worldwide operations.

But we won't stop in the test measurement domain.

Acentury plans to support the deployment and management of next generation 5G mobile networks. With OMERA, we are helping tier 1 operators streamline RAN deployment and reconfiguration workflows, we are helping to eliminate planning inefficiencies with automation, and we are offering multi-vendor support that is compatible with ORAN and vRAN.

Since the acquisition of our company subsidiary SynMatrix Technologies Inc., we've entrusted the business and technical direction envisioned by the SynMatrix team. We will continue to support the product roadmap outlined by SynMatrix engineering as they help transform and revector the way engineers design, optimize, test and manufacture high frequency microwave filters.

Marching to the Drumbeat of Innovation

We started our journey as technology solution providers, but our continued investment in innovation and development is helping us to be recognized as a leader in the wireless communications industry. Recent investments in cloud technologies, Kubernetes development, and component engineering tooling are just a few examples of our committment to evolve as a leading technology company. Our customers have already seen the immediate benefits, and we are committed to helping our current and future customers accelerate the deployment of new services and capabilities in the years to come.

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