Creating an RF Production Network Replica for Rapid Testing and Deployment in the Open RAN and Telco Era

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Jun 23, 2022 • 3 min read

Last week Acentury hosted a webinar, "The Mirror Lab: A New Approach for RF Testing and RAN Deployment in the Telco Cloud Era". Mobile network architectures are changing & moving to the cloud. How will you adapt your testing and deployment processes to match? How can you achieve cloud-scale time-to-market when testing changes to your mobile network?

During the webinar, Acentury considered how the migration to cloud-based mobile networks is changing the demands on RF labs. We discussed how cloud networking techniques and methods such as DevOps and CI/CD can be applied to RAN testing. Specifically, we reviewed the concept of a “mirror lab” for RF testing and deployment. Testing production networks with emulation remains a key practice in today’s lab operations. In our webinar, we explored how the concept of a ‘mirror lab’ or production network replica is an emerging practice to help support the autonomy and complexity of cloud-based RF testing and deployment.

David Woodcock, Product Strategy at Acentury, hosted this webinar. David has spent more than 30 years in the wireless industry at the intersection of the customer and technology. Prior to Acentury, he has worked for industry leaders such as Motorola and Dell as well as several early-stage companies, in roles ranging from Systems Engineering and Product Management to Sales and Business Development. With experience in network design, mobile devices, professional services, hardware and software, David brings a unique view of the broader picture to any discussion about applying technology to solve customer problems. He has a degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Queen’s University.

For those that joined us live, thank you for attending! For those that missed it or want to listen again, here’s a recording of the webinar so you're able to access the information in the future.

In our webinar we introduced Acentury's LAMTA, an end-to-end RF testing and automation platform for MNOs. To learn about about LAMTA, contact our sales team at or download our whitepaper.

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