Product Re-Design in Two Weeks: A Customer Success Story

Dec 2, 2020

A Tier-1 US wireless operator requested the following extra-low PIM products (≤ -165 dBc) to for their 5G RF Lab in the Pacific Northwest:

Two months later we received our first feedback from the Lab Manager. The products worked well, but the size was too big for their lab space. They requested a diplexer that was as small as possible with 4.3-10 connectors, and they also wanted to be able to fit an extra attenuator into a 3U track on top of the existing three.

Within two weeks we delivered the size reduction that the customer requested. For the diplexer, the only difference in performance with the previous (larger) design is the small increase of insertion loss from 0.25 dB to 0.5 dB. For the attenuator, there is no difference in performance. To complement the new design, we also designed a new 19” 3U rackmount shelf that holds four ATA-Pa10R attenuators.

Fig. 1a. Initial design of XP2-P571 diplexer

Fig. 1b. New design of XP2-P571 diplexer

Fig. 2a. Initial design of AT0-Pa10R attenuator

Fig. 2b. New design of AT0-Pa10R attenuator

Our new designs were well received, but an additional request came: “Could you prevent the heat from all units from flowing up to the top attenuators when they are stacked on shelves?”. This was a big concern with their current manufacturer as the upper units would overheat constantly. One solution was to look at a tray fan that would blow from the bottom.​

The feedback was well received, and the units were implemented into a final design within those two weeks.​

Acentury is strongly committed to deliver great customer service alongside our world-class products and continue to use our experience to design solutions tailored to our client's needs.

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Acentury, under the Radiocomm brand, provides RF components with an industry leading extra low PIM (-165 dBc) and the new 4.3-10 and NEX10 connectors. They are currently used with 4G and 5G wireless networks for both outdoor and in-building applications. Radiocomm also produces coaxial cable solutions for low PIM jumpers and high-frequency phase stable cable assemblies. Our comprehensive product portfolios include both general and PIM rated passive components and cables. Through our years of dedication, experience, and expertise in the RF industry, Radiocomm has gained the reputation for its superior performance, quality, short lead time, cost-effectiveness and customization services. We help our service provider, infrastructure equipment manufacturer, installer and system integrator customers meet their complex and dynamic requirements, improve the network performance and reliability, and reduce the equipment expenditure and labor costs.

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