Testing and deploying 4G/5G/O-RAN networks with zero-touch automation.

Zero-touch testing to save time, test more and get to market faster.

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What is LAMTA?

LAMTA is an orchestration platform that uses Zero-touch automation to enable rapid testing and lab management for next-gen wireless networks. By automating tedious manual processes like set-up and tear-down, users can run more sophisticated testing, optimize lab resource usage, increase confidence in test results, and reduce time-to-market.

System Architecture

LAMTA is a scalable solution that enables users to test wireless network functionality and performance by automatically configuring and controlling various network elements (RAN equipment, RF signal routing and attenuation, and UE devices). LAMTA can also be used to set up and automate advanced mobility scenarios such as MIMO, carrier aggregation, and handover for multiple frequency bands, RATs, and site configurations.


Maximize ROI and Improve Asset Utilization

Share equipment with testers from different geo locations. Schedule & track resource utilization, boost productivity and improve equipment and asset ROI.

Increase Test Capability, Flexibility

Quickly create complex test scenarios using multiple RF sources and variable attenuation. Test from anywhere at anytime.

Get to Market Faster

Simplify and reduce set up time from hours to minutes. Connect cables once and reconfigure in seconds through a web-based GUI. Enable consistent and repeatable testing and improve test reliability. 

LAMTA Features

RF Signal Routing and Attenuation

A wireless lab routes RF signals from various sources to devices under test (DUT) in shielded boxes or chambers. LAMTA uses variable attenuation and combining to mix any combination of input signals together and pass them to any combination of outputs. This greatly simplifies RF signal distribution to enable:

  • Scalable radio connection management for 5G/LTE/UMTS/Wi-Fi
  • Flexible switch connections between radios, network elements (CU/DU/RRU) and test chambers
  • Real-time radio transit power monitoring
  • Manage connections from a web-based GUI

MIMO, Handover, Carrier Aggregation and Tier Roaming Testing

Controlled by LAMTA software, automate testing of advanced mobility scenarios and simulate real-world scenarios like handovers, MIMO, and carrier aggregation. 

  • Share RRU sources among several testers simultaneously
  • Tests are conducted automatically and repeated as needed
  • Functional and performance testing
  • One-click setup for repeatable test environments
  • Operate tests from an easy-to-use GUI interface from a remote location

Massive MIMO Performance Measurement

  • Massive MIMO performance measurement testing in conducted mode
  • End-to-end solution using Phase Shift Attenuation (PSA) control hardware to connect AAU and test devices
Lab Management

Control and manage facility, test and human resources

LAMTA can also be used to help manage lab assets and resources and enable remote testing and management.

  • Utilization and location reporting, project & task assignment, auto resource allocation
  • Assign RRUs and test chambers to avoid resource blocking
  • Schedule and track physical and human resources

Log Capture and Analytics

  • UE/DUT and NE log capture and analysis
  • Layer 3 log capture with automated pass/fail analysis
  • Error-free log analysis by policy-based machine learning techniques

LAMTA Resources

Customer Case Study

View the LAMTA solution booklet which includes more details and a customer whitepaper

LAMTA Remote RF Test Position Brochure

View and download brochure information about the LAMTA Remote RF Test Position solution

LAMTA Product Video

View the LAMTA product video to review all the features and capabilities.

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