Equipements Scientifiques and Acentury partner to develop Radiocomm business in France

Jun 25, 2021

Radiocomm, the network components division of Acentury Inc., is proud to announce a partnership with Equipements Scientifiques (ES). ES will act as Radiocomm’s distributor in France.

“The Acentury team is very pleased to announce ES as our newest Radiocomm partner. ES has been a well respected distributor in France for many years. Their team has very deep knowledge and experience in wireless technology and RF components. We are fortunate to have ES as our partner. We’re confident that the customer base in France will find that our Radiocomm line delivers unmatched performance and value,” said Frank Ye, CEO of Acentury.

“We assessed Acentury’s Radiocomm line and were very impressed with the performance. We feel strongly that our customers will not find better RF passive components. Wireless network deployments are becoming more complex. We were very pleased to learn that the Radiocomm component design team has successfully and quickly delivered customized components to several global customers. That type of customer dedication is what convinced us that Radiocomm is the right partner,” said Philippe Guez, Directeur Commercial at ES.

ABOUT Equipements Scientifiques
Since its founding in 1963: Equipements Scientifiques carefully selects the different foreign manufacturers that we represent in France according to key factors: strong technology, price / quality ratio, quality certification, niche-products. Equipements Scientifiques has gone through all the major events that have occurred in the electronic components and equipment market, developments that were provoked by spectacular technological progress. From the golden age of electronics, where demand outstripped supply, to the dominance of the military market, and up to today where needs in the mass market have literally exploded, mainly due to the progress of wireless applications. The world has changed… and so has ES. https://www.es-france.com/

ABOUT Radiocomm
Radiocomm, the network components division of Acentury Inc., was launched in 2011 and developed a reputation for its superior technical performance, reliability, and customization services. We pride ourselves in creating a unique customer experience from product development to on-time product delivery. We help service providers, infrastructure equipment manufacturers, educational institutions, government agency departments, and system integrators meet their complex and dynamic requirements. Radiocomm components cover a wider operating frequency spectrum and higher power applications. With the deployment of outdoor systems with high power (up to 80 W) and 4x4 MIMO, the -165 dBc extra-low PIM becomes an essential requirement to solve complex interference issues. https://radiocomm.co

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