Maser and Acentury partner to develop LAMTA business in Australia/New Zealand

Aug 19, 2021

Acentury Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with Maser. Maser will act as LAMTA’s distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

“Acentury is very excited to announce Maser as one of our first Acentury LAMTA distribution partners, covering the Australian and New Zealand market. We are fortunate to partner with an industry veteran like Maser, with their over 30 years of xperience and that customers in the region will have access to LAMTA through such a strong representative,” said Frank Ye, CEO of Acentury.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Maser Australia is a trusted provider of advanced technology solutions, sourced from our network of leading international suppliers across the telecommunications, enterprise, industrial and defence sectors. With a dedicated team of sales, service and operational people, our staff are passionate and committed to delivering market leading products and services that exceed customer expectations. Maser provides our customers with extensive market and product expertise, quality, reliability, diversity, specialised services and advance technologies, allowing us to provide our end customers with the best solution to meet their requirements, no matter how challenging. Maser – Knowledge, Trust, Quality and Reliability, our core values we bring to you.

Acentury LAMTA is an end-to-end solution that uses a software-based platform for wireless 3G/4G/5G lab testing and lab resources management. LAMTA is a scalable solution designed by RF engineers and used by Tier 1 operator labs. LAMTA uses software to manage a ‘connect once’ setup that can simplify RF cable management and enable remote management capabilities. The solution also features the automation and execution of complicated test scenarios such as massive MIMO and carrier aggregation.

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