RF Monitoring

Introducing a cost-effective way to monitor the RF environment in the lab or in the field. LAMTA RF Monitor provides the capability to directly scan the RF environment and quickly see the results using LAMTA software.


Multiple scanner support

Equip each RF enclosure with RF Monitor and manage them all within LAMTA

Identify all signals present in the test environment

5G / LTE / Wi-Fi decode capability helps identify specific sources

Multiple user access

All LAMTA users can access any scanner in the system through the LAMTA UI

Resolve complications quickly

Use the spectrum analyzer function to quickly scan for unwanted signals and leakage within the test environment

Improve Quality

Verify that the RF environment inside test chambers matches the desired state

Save Time & Cost

Find leakage and interference in seconds so it can be resolved quickly

Key Use Cases

1) Sharing Resources

  • Networked scanners: local or remote access 
  • Multi-scanner: the same user can access multiple scanners
  • Multiple users can access the same scanner

2) Observe what signals are present 

  • inside RF chambers lab during testing
  • in the lab space itself
  • in the field

Key Features

Support multiple scanners, multiple users

  • Includes scanner hardware and LAMTA RF monitoring software functions
  • User interface supports multiple scanners simultaneously
  • Allows multiple testers to access all scanners from the same local network
  • Configurable IP address for easier installation on corporate and internal networks

5GNR and LTE scanning support

  • Identify specific signals including: 
  • Wi-Fi scanning (2.4 / 5.8Ghz) including SSID and RSI (coming soon)

Spectrum analyzer support

  • Spectrum analyzer sweep function to identify RF energy (without signal decode)

RF Monitor Resources

RF Monitor Brochure

View and download brochure information about the RF Monitor.

Application Note

Finding and Resolving RF Interference. Click to read more.

RF Test Position Brochure

View and download brochure information about the LAMTA RF Test Position solution.

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