LAMTA fits any size RF Lab

LAMTA is a scalable orchestration solution to help reduce equipment space and cost, improve test efficiency, and enable more sophisticated test case scenarios such as MIMO and Carrier Aggregation. It can scale from a single desktop test station to a full-size multi-site, multi-city lab operation.


Reduces testing operating expenses & accelerates time-to-market

Manage attenuation centrally to eliminate variable attenuators at each test station. Eliminates test setup and tear-down times.

Enables sophisticated testing, increases test results confidence

Control all signal routing, combining, attenuation and splitting on one platform. Enables more complex RF testing such as MIMO and Carrier Aggregation.

Optimize lab assets and resources and improve Return on Investment

Schedule, optimize and manage lab resource assets. Evaluate lab resource utilization and increase efficiency with remote access.

4-Channel RF Test Position

A self-contained solution for individual test stations that includes an RF shield box, a 4-channel attenuation array and LAMTA control software (PC-based).

  • 4-channel RF Attenuation Array with a frequency range of 0.5 to 7.5 GHz and attenuation range of 0 to 95 dB with 0.25dB attenuation step
  • Controls the attenuation array to vary the signal strength on each RF path separately. Supports roaming and handover test cases and limited MIMO and Carrier Aggregation testing.
  • Up to four RRU sources can connect to the LAMTA software-controlled attenuation array.
  • Four (4) SMA multi-band antennas*. 2 x USB3.0, 2 x 1G Ethernet, 1 x AC power pass-throughs. 

       *antennas not included

8-Channel RF Test System

A starter system for a small RF lab supporting up to (8) eight RF inputs and (8) eight RF test stations. Includes an 8x8 RF switch matrix and matrix control software which controls all 64 individual RF signal paths independently. 

  • Real-time power detection for all RF input ports  
  • LATMA software helps seamlessly recreate complex RF testing scenarios such as MIMO and Carrier Aggregation
  • Up to eight RRU / RF source inputs and eight RF shield box outputs
  • Compact form factor, mounts on a standard 19-inch rack

Full-sized Multi-Site RF Lab

LAMTA supports custom configurations for major RF lab operations. These can include:

  • Hundreds or thousands of RF ports
  • Many different types and quantities of attenuation equipment
  • Any number of RF shield boxes
  • Multi-location, multi-city
  • Resource sharing and remote access

RF Test Position Resources

RF Test Position Brochure

View and download brochure information about the RF Test Position solution

Application Note

Reducing Power Consumption and Operational Costs in the RF Lab. Click to read more.

LAMTA Solution Booklet

View the LAMTA solution booklet which includes more details and a customer whitepaper

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