Building the lights-out wireless lab

Acentury was founded in 2011 and began as test and measurement solution specialists. Since then, we've evolved into a product innovation company that supplies products for global mobile network operators, chipset manufacturers, network equipment vendors, and most recently, aerospace and defense companies.

Having the opportunity to work with global carrier operators for nearly a decade has given us perspective on scale, the criticality of product reliability, and the importance of the customer experience needed to help enterprise organizations deploy new technologies successfully and innovate at speed.

Our Vision

The concept of a ‘lights-out manufacturing’ facility is a production method that requires no human presence on site. To achieve this, every step of the manufacturing process needs to be automated.

Acentury envisions a similar future for wireless labs. Using software control and orchestration tools to control and configure all elements in the lab, lab administrators can drastically reduce human presence on site, simplify overall lab complexity, and optimize equipment and people resources. Acentury’s ‘lights-out lab’ vision aims to trailblaze a new path for automation-driven operations in wireless labs. Join us as we embark on this journey to develop zero-touch testing to accelerate time-to-market and enable more sophisticated testing methods.

About Us

Acentury Inc. is a software technology company that builds orchestration solutions and products for the wireless communications industry. Our product portfolio supports several industry verticals including mobile network operators, network equipment vendors, cable multi-service operators, aerospace and defense, satellite communications, and the hyperscale tech companies.

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