Innovative Fiber Cable Solutions: Overcoming Brutal and Freezing Arctic Conditions

May 18, 2021

Acentury is always innovating to help our global partners and clients. Read on to see how we can overcome brutal and freezing conditions to help an Alaskan telecommunication service provider expand and improve their broadband internet service in the Arctic Region. 

This was a unique challenge: 

  • To protect the environment, the government does not allow any construction for fiber cable deployment in certain areas. All fiber cables must be directly dropped into water or placed on the surface without any protection. The cable would be exposed to many different dangers -- stretching and bending due to freeze/thaw cycles, crushing risk from rocks, ice or vehicles, and even damage from wildlife.  

  • The region experiences huge swings in temperature -- as low as -60°C during the winter, but also as high as +70°C in the summer due to solar heat load.  

  • This would be the first time anyone had attempted to deploy fiber cable in such extreme conditions. There was no precedent to reference. 

Our team of experts engineered a solution: 

  • To address the extreme cold weather challenge, we used a special solution that extends our fiber cable's operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C to the required -60°C to +70°C.  

  • To address the risk from freezing and thawing, and damage due to ice, rocks and wildlife, we designed a rugged fiber cable with strong breaking loads (tensile strength) and crush loads (pressure and squeeze). Steel armor was added for protection.  

  • Designed the cable so that it could be deployed both on land and in water

Fiber cable drop.jpg

Although we were competing with another well-known European-based global submarine fiber cable manufacturer, the Alaskan telecom finally chose our UOC-LW-30kN-48G.652.D (30kN Cable Breaking Load and 5kN Crush Load) Cold-Weather Inshore Fiber Cable Solution

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