Introducing the LAMTA Product Video

Dec 2, 2021 • 2 min read

Acentury is proud to announce the LAMTA Test Automation module.

See the product video:

In addition to controlling the RF path switching and attenuation with the radio management module, LAMTA can also control the rest of the test environment. It supports the option to control network elements such as NodeB radio units from several different equipment vendors. User equipment such as Android Smartphones can also be controlled through LAMTA. This allows test engineers to operate the RF test environment through a single interface.

The largest factor influencing test repeatability was the tester themselves. When the tester was responsible for manually controlling attenuation and rates of change, it was virtually impossible to effectively repeat a test. Imagine trying to manually control variable attenuation for multiple base stations when simulating handover in a carrier aggregation scenario. With LAMTA, all attenuation is software controlled, ensuring a repeatable process from test to test.

For more details, see our LAMTA product page:

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