A patent published multi-channel VHF combiner design for public safety

Dec 19, 2023 • 7 min read

Background Overview

Acentury introduced a multi-channel VHF combiner design for a public safety communications application. Since 2013 Acentury has been supplying Radiocomm passive network components to Mobile Carrier Operators and continues to build a strong partnership with custom special projects.

VHF combiner design footprints typically require a considerable amount of space, can severely limit deployment options, and can introduce maintenance-related challenges for space-constrained locations. Maintenance difficulties can be attributed to the bulky design that requires more handling, more manpower, and can introduce human error and longer maintenance times. One of the key requirements for this use case was a design that could fit standard 19” racks and would allow the operator to move away from large 33” racks.

The Proposed Design

Radiocomm's patent published Multi-Channel VHF Combiner features a novel engineering design that fits into a standard 19” rack. This innovative solution reduces the traditional solution by up to 90%, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to deploy in space-constrained locations without compromising application performance requirements. image-1.png
Here’s a quick overview of the Radiocomm design:

  • Compact design with up to 90% size reduction. Fits into standard 19” width racks, is more space-efficient, and deployment and maintenance are also easier. Because the solution is physically smaller, it is field-swappable by a single technician, thereby helping to reduce deployment and maintenance costs.
  • Good performance. Low insertion loss and high channel isolation. Maintains signal integrity with low insertion loss and high channel isolation, ensuring reliable communication. vhf drawing.png

By addressing floor space availability without performance compromises, Radiocomm’s multichannel VHF combiner is another demonstrative example of Acentury’s engineering capabilities.

For more information about the design, contact us for more information here.

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