5G and mmWave ready.

Delivering innovative extra-low PIM (-165dBC) passive network components and cables with ultra-wide frequency coverage for 4G / 5G Sub-6GHz / CBRS / LAA / C-band.


About Radiocomm

Acentury Radiocomm is a passive network components and cables supplier for 4G and 5G networks in labs, outdoor and in-building applications including massive MIMO. The hardware product line supports the public safety, 3G/4G/5G, Sub-6GHz and CBRS / LAA / C-band spectrum bands, and also features coaxial cables solutions for low PIM jumpers and high frequency phase stable cable assemblies.

Why Radiocomm?

Cellular networks are a growing number of frequency bands over a wider range of carrier frequencies with higher order signal modulation. Passive intermodulation (PIM) is an increasingly difficult challenge in network deployments and finding a reliable 5G-ready components supplier is key to reducing OPEX costs.

Extra low-PIM (-165dBc) components

Industry-leading low-PIM performance for indoor, outdoor and 5G applications.

5G Sub-6GHz frequency coverage

Ultra-wide frequency coverage, from 4G to 5G Sub-6GHz / CBRS / LAA / C-band.

Fast customization in 6 weeks

Specifications within 3-5 business days. Samples available in 6 weeks.

Engineered for high reliability and low TCO

<0.01% field return rate with near-zero maintenance.

Supplying Tier 1 mobile network operators

Trusted by North American telecom operators, cable MSOs, and network equipment manufacturers.

We stand by our products

3-yr warranty and manufacturing test report for each shipped low PIM component.

Our Partner Program

Since our launch in 2013, we have grown our global network of channel partners and we're commited to their success.

Acentury partners have access to high quality products and solutions that are used and trusted by Tier1 mobile operators, cable MSOs, network equipment manufacturers and device OEMs, as well as governments and research institutions. We provide competitive prices, delivered by an excellent logistics team and supported by experienced technical resources.

Use Cases


Revolutionizing Connectivity: LAMTA Automates RF Signal Control for North American WISPs

Acentury is pleased to announce the first LAMTA deployment with a North American Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). As a fixed wireless internet service provider, this client is a key contributor to Canada’s Connectivity Strategy, which is a plan to connect 95% of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026, and 100% by 2030. The strategy aims to provide universal broadband access, improve mobile wireless coverage, and support innovation and digital adoption.

Using a Diplexer Design to Meet the CBRS Band Requirements for In-Building DAS

In the world of telecommunications, innovation often springs from necessity. A tier 1 mobile operator faced challenges when trying to accommodate separate radios operating in different bands for their in-building DAS projects.

Enabling Connectivity in Toronto's TTC Subway with Acentury Radiocomm Components

Acentury Inc. played a vital role in empowering mobile carriers to enhance their network coverage within the TTC. RF attenuators are essential components that control and manage signal strength, ensuring optimal connectivity within tunnels and stations.

Saving Attenuator Shelf Space with a Compact Solution for an Active DAS System

A Canadian Tier 1 operator was deploying their active DAS system where they encountered challenges with rack space for attenuators.  To solve this problem, they were looking for a compact-sized attenuator design that could fit as many units as possible per rack shelf.

Virtualizing Your 5G RF Testing Lab (Top 5 Industry Use Cases)

Acentury is excited to present the third of the Top 5 Industry Use Cases, Virtual RF Lab & Testing Automation, where we take a look how Acentury responded to RF lab challenges with LAMTA.

What Our Customers Say...

I trust Radiocomm products and see Acentury as a trusted advisor. We currently don't buy RF cables from anywhere else.
— Wireless lab technician,
Tier 1 Operator in North American

Your team is innovative, customer first and very responsive.
— Delivery Manager,
Tier 1 Operator in Canada

Not a lot of good PIM suppliers out there - but Radiocomm stands out. Radiocomm is definitely in the right price range versus other competitors.
— Lead RF Design Engineer,
Leading Global Manufacturing Solutions Provider

We buy Radiocomm multiplexers, hybrid combiners, and attenuators. We keep going back for the quality and history.
— Supply Chain Manager,
One of the largest Tier 1 Operators in North America

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