IRISS Technologies and Acentury partner to grow Radiocomm business in Turkey

Apr 6, 2021

Radiocomm, the network components division of Acentury Inc., is proud to announce a partnership with IRISS Technologies. IRISS will act as Radiocomm’s distributor in Turkey.

“We’re extremely excited to have IRISS join the Radiocomm team. We are very impressed by IRISS and the success they’ve been able to achieve in Turkey. In speaking with the IRISS team, it was clear that they would be an ideal partner for Radiocomm. We have the highest confidence that IRISS’ customers will be very satisfied with Radiocomm products,” said Frank Ye, CEO of Acentury.

“Radiocomm is a perfect addition to our product family. IRISS has been highly successful in servicing the wireless communication industry in Turkey. Our customers often ask about RF components for use in the lab and in the field. With Radiocomm, we now have world class offering,” said Cem Cagatay Karalli, Strategy & Business Development Director at IRISS Technologies.

ABOUT IRISS Technologies
As IRISS, we offer you the technology of the future so that the flow of information does not slow down and is not interrupted. In this journey that we started in 2013, our biggest assurance was the experience we have gained in the informatics sector since 2003. We started to support the informatics and telecommunication companies of our country with the most up-to-date "Test and Measurement" technologies by increasing this accumulation day by day. As much as we suggested measures to prevent the "bad scenario" from ever happening, we fixed the problems that IT experts could not identify and eliminate.

ABOUT Radiocomm
Radiocomm, the network components division of Acentury Inc., was launched in 2011 and developed a reputation for its superior technical performance, reliability, and customization services. We pride ourselves in creating a unique customer experience from product development to on-time product delivery. We help service providers, infrastructure equipment manufacturers, educational institutions, government agency departments, and system integrators meet their complex and dynamic requirements. Radiocomm components cover a wider operating frequency spectrum and higher power applications. With the deployment of outdoor systems with high power (up to 80 W) and 4x4 MIMO, the -165 dBc extra-low PIM becomes an essential requirement to solve complex interference issues.

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