Sharing RF Lab resources with Multiple Testers to Improve ROI

Jun 17, 2024 • 6 min read

In a typical wireless lab, there are usually many testing projects underway simultaneously. New network features, vendor firmware upgrades and device performance testing are just some examples of the competing demands on expensive lab resources.


It is also common that there aren't enough of these resources to go around. As a result, some activities may be delayed while waiting for the required equipment to become available.

Sharing among peers is difficult or even impossible. A tester who needs a particular piece of equipment may not be aware of who is currently using it, or for what purpose. And current users don't necessarily know who needs it next.

Finally, the current activities may not be the most important but there is often no way to know. Testers may rely on maintaining a spreadsheet, or using Post-It notes to keep track of equipment usage. But without a centralized calendar or resource reservation system in place, chances are that lab resource utilization is far from optimal.

A shared calendar is a powerful tool. But who should own it?

Fortunately LAMTA offers a solution. The optional Resource Reservation feature provides a centralized, shared calendar that is viewable by all lab users. This capability complements the standard Resource Assignment feature that is included with every LAMTA system. With Resource Reservation, users can see who is using each resource, and request access for themselves.


During a Reservation, that user has exclusive access to that resource, all but eliminating the potential for testing interruptions. The system can be setup up such that all reservation requests must be approved by lab administrators, enabling centralized control of all lab resources.

Finally, there is a solution to help wireless labs become more efficient. LAMTA not only orchestrates the lab environment for end-to-end testing, but also organizes it too.

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