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Open RAN vs. O-RAN Communities, and their Upcoming Challenges

In today’s discussion we chat about some of the differences between the Open RAN and O-RAN communities and some of the challenges both communities face in the very near future.

5G Fronthaul Network Testing Considerations

5G networks offer lower latency, greater flexibility, and increased bandwidth compared to 4G technology. To deliver these improvements, 5G fronthaul networks use different hardware and networking protocols to those found in previous generation networks.

Why Ceramic Waveguide Filters?

The emerging fifth generation (5G) mobile communication system threatens to demand the exponential increase of passive components. With 10Gpbs of peak data rate and the enabling technologies such as massive MIMO and carrier aggregation, some experts estimate the passive components volume to increase by at least 10x of a 4G network system...

Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

As wireless research and testing extend beyond the lab and onto the field, Passive intermodulation (PIM) issues are a growing challenge for network designers and cell operators. ...

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