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Using a Diplexer Design to Meet the CBRS Band Requirements for In-Building DAS

In the world of telecommunications, innovation often springs from necessity. A tier 1 mobile operator faced challenges when trying to accommodate separate radios operating in different bands for their in-building DAS projects.

Enabling Connectivity in Toronto's TTC Subway with Acentury Radiocomm Components

Acentury Inc. played a vital role in empowering mobile carriers to enhance their network coverage within the TTC. RF attenuators are essential components that control and manage signal strength, ensuring optimal connectivity within tunnels and stations.

Saving Attenuator Shelf Space with a Compact Solution for an Active DAS System

A Canadian Tier 1 operator was deploying their active DAS system where they encountered challenges with rack space for attenuators.  To solve this problem, they were looking for a compact-sized attenuator design that could fit as many units as possible per rack shelf.

How We Designed Low PIM RF Diplexer and Attenuators for a 5G Lab (Top 5 Industry Use Cases)

Our team of experts are equipped with a deep understanding of our client’s needs, allowing us the foresight to design solutions that are fast, efficient, and make our client’s work seamless. Watch to see examples of Acentury's work.

Designing a Heptaplexer With Added Band 40 and 42 Requirements

A European customer required seven (7) European bands including the new Band 40 and 42 to be combined for a military application. There was also strict PIM rejection (-161dBc) and high-power requirements (350W).

Custom Designing a Low PIM 18-band POI combiner

One of the differentiating services Acentury Radiocomm offers is the ability to help design and customize network components with fast lead times. After digesting the customer requirements and challenges, our team designed an integrated 18:1 POI combiner.

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