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Valkyrie - Xena Networks

Valkyrie is a full-featured Layer 2-3 stateless traffic generator and analysis platform. It is used to configure and generate Ethernet traffic up at all speeds up to 400GE, and analyze how network devices and services perform in response, making it perfect for most lab-based data-plane test scenarios.

Chimera - Xena Networks

Chimera is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for emulating impairments (e.g. packet manipulation, latency, jitter, bandwidth control and shaping) to traffic between DUTs in the lab. It the industry's only fully integrated traffic generation and impairment solution.

ColdFusion - Lepton Systems

Introducing a new standard in layer 1 test automation: ColdFusion. Once the switch is wire up, test configurations and scenarios can be initiated using remote commands to fully automate tests.

Extra Low PIM 4:2 Combiner 520-6000MHz

Another addition to Radiocomm's Extra Low PIM Combiner product line up is the 4:2 Combiner for wideband coverage (520-6000MHz)

Extra Low PIM 4:2 Narrow Band Combiner

Radiocomm has released their latest product from the "Extra Low PIM" passive network components family.

Why Ceramic Waveguide Filters?

The emerging fifth generation (5G) mobile communication system threatens to demand the exponential increase of passive components. With 10Gpbs of peak data rate and the enabling technologies such as massive MIMO and carrier aggregation, some experts estimate the passive components volume to increase by at least 10x of a 4G network system...

Extra Low PIM 6dB Wideband Directional Coupler

Introducing Radiocomm’s ultra wideband Directional Coupler that covers the 5G Band (520-6000MHz). For more information, please visit our e-catalog located on our...

Extra Low PIM 4:4 Hybrid Wideband Coupler

Introducing Radiocomm’s Ultra-wideband Hybrid Coupler covering the 5G Band (520-6000MHz) with high isolation....

Extra Low PIM 3:3 Hybrid Coupler

Introducing Radiocomm’s Ultra-wideband Hybrid Coupler covering the 5G Band (520-6000MHz) with high isolation....

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