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Introducing the LAMTA RF Test Position

The RF Test Position solution is an off-the-shelf product launched and released in late 2022 and features one of many solutions that can be derived from the LAMTA orchestration platform. Popularity of the solution increased after the COVID-19 pandemic forced lab managers to maintain business continuity without having staff on site.

Replacing RF patch panels with a software-controlled RF switch matrix

One of the most common issues facing RF lab managers is the cost of setting up various RF testing scenarios, executing the tests, and then tearing down those same setups. Not only is this tedious, time-consuming, and manual labour, it also creates excessive stress and strain on expensive RF components.

Part 2: How CI/CD methodologies can be applied to 5G RAN Testing and Deployment

With the advent of software-centric applications, CI/CD methodologies and continuous testing workflows were introduced to improve end-user applications and experiences. Could these same principles and methods be used to test things that are not virtual - like parts of 5G RAN?

Part 1: How 5G/O-RAN and cloud native architectures introduce new complexities for testing labs

Mobile networks are rapidly becoming more like IT networks and Mobile Network Operators will need to adapt their testing and deployment processes accordingly. Technologies like 5G and Open RAN present fundamentally new challenges and traditional testing approaches are no longer enough.

Why Carriers Need to Consider Replicating their Open RAN, 5G network in the Lab

The typical mobile network is more complicated today than ever before. More frequency bands are in use with different propagation characteristics, multiple radio access technologies used simultaneously, all to deliver an expanding list of innovative user services. This means combinations to test are expanding. How can operators adopt their testing and deployment processes to manage this change?

5G Standalone - What does the move to cloud mean for operators?

In July 2022, Acentury hosted a webinar "5G Standalone: What does the move to cloud mean for operators?" in collaboration with RCR Wireless News and Volt Active Data

Major External PIM Issues in Small Cell 5G Systems

The majority of voice and the data traffic on the cellular networks happens in buildings. Depending on the type of building, there can be a high density of the users at any given time, requiring some buildings to need significantly higher cellular capacity requirements than others.

Creating an RF Production Network Replica for Rapid Testing and Deployment in the Open RAN and Telco Era

Last week we hosted our webinar, "The Mirror Lab: A New Approach for RF Testing and RAN Deployment in the Telco Cloud Era". For those that missed it or want to listen again, here’s a recording to the webinar.

Introducing the LAMTA Product Video

Simulate and automate RF test scenarios like MIMO, handover, and carrier aggregation. Test Massive MIMO in conducted mode.

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