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Simpler UE Control is here

As part of our journey to enable the lights out wireless lab, Acentury released LAMTA lab orchestration software v23.3, a platform that uses zero-touch automation to enable rapid testing and lab management for next-gen wireless networks.

Introducing the LAMTA RF Test Position

The RF Test Position solution is an off-the-shelf product launched and released in late 2022 and features one of many solutions that can be derived from the LAMTA orchestration platform. Popularity of the solution increased after the COVID-19 pandemic forced lab managers to maintain business continuity without having staff on site.

5G Standalone - What does the move to cloud mean for operators?

In July 2022, Acentury hosted a webinar "5G Standalone: What does the move to cloud mean for operators?" in collaboration with RCR Wireless News and Volt Active Data

Introducing the LAMTA Product Video

Simulate and automate RF test scenarios like MIMO, handover, and carrier aggregation. Test Massive MIMO in conducted mode.

LAMTA Lab Resource Management Launch

Acentury officially launches LAMTA's lab resource management module for 5G wireless labs and is proud to announce the product kickoff with our first North American Tier 1 Operator.

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