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Sharing RF Lab resources with Multiple Testers to Improve ROI

In a typical wireless lab, there are usually many testing projects underway simultaneously. New network features, vendor firmware upgrades and device performance testing are just some examples of the competing demands on expensive lab resources.

Network Impairment Made Easy: How LAMTA Helps Reproduce Complex Network Scenarios Introduced by Open RAN and Cloud RAN

In today's rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, characterized by advancements such as Open RAN and AI/ML applications, reproducing probable network scenarios to validate the functionality and performance of products, solutions, and policies presents a significant challenge.

Revolutionizing Connectivity: LAMTA Automates RF Signal Control for North American WISPs

Acentury is pleased to announce the first LAMTA deployment with a North American Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). As a fixed wireless internet service provider, this client is a key contributor to Canada’s Connectivity Strategy, which is a plan to connect 95% of Canadians to high-speed internet by 2026, and 100% by 2030. The strategy aims to provide universal broadband access, improve mobile wireless coverage, and support innovation and digital adoption.

Using a Diplexer Design to Meet the CBRS Band Requirements for In-Building DAS

In the world of telecommunications, innovation often springs from necessity. A tier 1 mobile operator faced challenges when trying to accommodate separate radios operating in different bands for their in-building DAS projects.

How to Scale RF testing to a Multi-site and Multi-city Operation

RF testing operates at many different scales. Some testing is independent and can be performed at a single test bench. Operating a larger lab may span multiple rooms or buildings, or involve sites in multiple cities.

A patent published multi-channel VHF combiner design for public safety

VHF combiner design footprints typically require a considerable amount of space, can severely limit deployment options, and can introduce maintenance-related challenges for space-constrained locations.

Simpler UE Control is here

As part of our journey to enable the lights out wireless lab, Acentury released LAMTA lab orchestration software v23.3, a platform that uses zero-touch automation to enable rapid testing and lab management for next-gen wireless networks.

How to Manage RF attenuation control to Help Scale Your Wireless Lab

Wireless labs can often have many Remote Radio Units or Remote Radio Heads (RRUs/RRHs) to manage. To conduct testing, these RF ports are connected to RF attenuation equipment before being routed to RF testing stations.

Enabling Connectivity in Toronto's TTC Subway with Acentury Radiocomm Components

Acentury Inc. played a vital role in empowering mobile carriers to enhance their network coverage within the TTC. RF attenuators are essential components that control and manage signal strength, ensuring optimal connectivity within tunnels and stations.

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